Hey girl, healthy skin looks good on you!

Over $7 million in sales in the first 12 months says something!

We’ve created a healthy diet
for your skin.

30 days from now your skin is going to love you!


We offer a very simple, healthy skincare line that is probiotic based.

  1. Four core skincare "smart" products that take minutes a day, and work to balance your own unique skin microbiome. This allows it to heal itself of skin issues such as dry flaky skin, oily skin, acne, rosacea, eczema.

  2. Three smart repair products that quickly work to repair your skin and help correct damage already done, and prevent future damage.

  3.  Color /make-up products that also are non-toxic, gluten free, cruelty free, environmentally friendly and probiotic based. And they are beautiful!

  4. BodyCare Products powered with probiotics, scientifically formulated to work with your unique skin's microbiome, repairing damage, hydrating while nourishing your skin. Safe for all ages.




* Complimentary Skincare Consult

* TruFacial Skincare 2-3 Day Free Trial

* TruAura Beauty Break

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BLOG Posts!

I have added some Blogs that have beneficial information on how probiotics and prebiotics work specific to skin.

What the skin's microiome is, and why it is so crucial to skin health, and why using products with chemicals are actually hurting your skin and your immune system.

Also why taking probiotics internally are also beneficial to your over-all health. 


Healthy Home Product Options!

What you put on your skin matters. It takes 17 seconds to penetrate into your body.

Even "green" products available are full of chemicals, just lesser strength. They still have chemicals!

To get more information on an online wholesale shopping alternative that offers clean, non-toxic household cleaners, toothpaste, personal products, and even coffee, freshly delivered to your door within two weeks of manufacture and at wholesale pricing, schedule your walk through to see if its a fit for you. These are life saving, cost effective, and healthy alternatives you should know about.


TLC Program

If you like saving money, like special extra discount offers, free shipping, and VIP status, join for free and begin saving right away!

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Join my Team

Want to start earning income right away, with multiple income streams, full training online, Full tech suite, discounts, and more, in a dynamic team that supports you along the way- click the link to join my growing team!

Healthy Option Online Shopping Club

Because what you put on your skin matters, Join one of the largest online home shopping clubs and get your laundry, personal hair care and cleaning products that are natural, safe and made fresh to your door. at 20-30% discount. 

I offer in home and online consulting to help you see if this is a good fit for you. My job is not to "sell" you on anything, but merely to educate you on the option we provide.

For local people, I offer TruFacial  sets you can use for 2-3 days to try before you decide. Click the link below to schedule your trial. or consult.

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