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Your Largest Organ

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Your skin is your largest organ and can provide the biggest indicator of your health. The things we call problems, are actually signals your body is telling you that something is amiss.

If you haven't already been understanding the gravity of how important probiotics were for your health, you will be. It is commonly understood even by doctors who normally treat issues rather than delve into treating the underlying causes of issues we are presenting, just how important a role probiotics in our overall well being.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are beneficial to health, digestive system, and immune system. Often they are referred to as good bacteria because it keeps the gut healthy. And a healthy gut equals a strong immune system.

They also have a distinct part in keeping skin healthy. This has been proven to aid in the body's ability to heal scarring and injuries such as burns. They play an integral role in reducing inflammation and strengthening immunity.

Because acne, eczema, and psoriasis are linked directly to chronic inflammation probiotics play a large role in reducing and improving these issues. Rosacea has been shown that probiotics applied to the skin and taken orally can not only improve, but also prevent it!

For the skin, which takes a beating from everything external and internal, it plays a role in your overall skin health. Doesn't sound interesting?

Think about accelerated aging, you know, like wrinkles and brown spots. Your body's ability to fight free radical destruction will help reduce accelerated aging. As well as helping to clear toxins and fight the damage inflicted.

Another thought on this subject is that our skin, as the body's external barrier to the body, like armor in a sense, is there to help protect the inner organs. What we put on it gets into the bloodstream and dermal layers. Those things cause an inflammatory response by the immune system to attack in an attempt to protect the body. Inflammation is the immune systems strategy to fight the wars needed to keep a peaceful environment.

But when we are exposed to the amount of toxins and injuries daily, whether by contact with the skin, or what we are putting into the body, and made worse by chronic stressors (who isn't stressed now days?), the armies get stretched thin and as such get weakened. (I got stressed from that sentence!) This leaves us vulnerable to attack and chronic health issues.

Since it is now proven that the skin also has it's own microbiome, it is just as important to make sure we are caring for that as well. Given the skin is our largest organ and the one everyone sees, we should be taking steps to protect and strengthen it as well as we would for our "gut health"

"Probiotics are now widely known for their beneficial role in your gut health, but emerging research further proves their benefits are not limited to your digestive tract. Signals from these gut microorganisms are sent throughout your body and interact with organisms in your skin and gut mucosa. Researchers are now looking into how these interactions can help with skin conditions like dryness, improve collagen, or stabilize the microflora on your skin to help with irritations. In the video at the link above, Professor Christine Lang noted it could be one to two years before functional probiotic products for the skin are developed, but there are already a handful of them on the market." Dr. Mercola~ Dated 11/11/2010!



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