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It's All About Balance

What do dry skin and oily skin have un common?

Excess oil or overly dry skin can seem like two completely different problems, but they actually both stem from the same issue.

It’s all about balance. Irritated skin can “panic” and over-produce oil, which causes breakouts and other skin issues. Irritated skin that lacks nourishment can also struggle to produce adequate oil. In both cases, it is easy to get caught up in buying more and more products to treat the symptoms. Using revolutionary ingredients, we created products that treat the source of the issues. You can walk into any store and find hundreds of skincare products, but it is hard to figure out which one is for you. There really is such a thing as TOO many choices. We believe this is a huge part of the problem with conventional skincare products: they work against your skin, not with it. We are all about treating the real issues that everyone has with their skin, not just the symptoms. This approach is much more effective AND doesn't require wandering around a store and reading several dozen labels.

The idea behind all of our products is the concept of healing the microbiome so that your skin can heal on its own.

The microbiome is a layer of oils, bacteria, water, and other nutrients that protect, heal, and repair the skin. This is where treating the real problem comes in. Daily abuse such as harsh cleansers, over washing, and using chemical-filled products can damage the microbiome, which makes your skin unable to regulate itself like it is meant to. ]

Our products contain natural ingredients that work alongside your skin to give you a gorgeous, healthy glow. Ingredients like probiotics, vitamins, peptides, micellar water, complex carbohydrates, ph-balancing agents, and more work together to boost the natural defenses of the skin.

So what does this have to do with oily vs dry skin? Everything!

The skin produces either too much or not enough oil for a reason. These problems can be caused by many things such as over-washing and exposure to sun and wind, and ultimately lead to damage of the microbiome.

Oily skin? Don't skip the moisturizer!

Whatever your skin type, moisturizer is incredibly important.

Our Replenishing Day Lotion supports your microbiome and seals in the “good” oils so that your skin can get to work regulating its own oils. How? The Saccharide Isomerate is a prebiotic that binds to the skin to keep natural moisture in while also nourishing the good bacteria that the skin needs. This helps strengthen the natural barrier to keep out irritants. An antioxidant compound found in pine, Phenylethyl Resorcinol, helps to prevent sun damage and brighten skin. Along with our custom blend of natural antioxidants, these irritation-blocking ingredients prevent oil imbalances in the skin. Peony root extract adds extra protection and also boosts cellular energy and growth to keep the skin healthy and to help repair damage.

The bottom line: both dry and oily skin need hydration. With a microbiome-supportive skincare regimen, skin that is on the oily or dry end of the spectrum may very well find itself balanced. This balance is what will support the healthy skin condition we would all love to have.


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