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What is a Microbiome and How Does It Influence Our Overall Well-being?

IT'S FORMED FROM THE MOMENT OF BIRTH. Our skin’s microbiome is an ecosystem made up of water, electrolytes, fatty acids, minerals, sebum and even organisms, and when it is in balance, it provides protection from potentially harmful substances and elements in the outside environment, including viruses, microbes, chemicals, and UV radiation. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it’s important to protect it in order to maintain our overall well-being. The microbiome is formed from the moment of birth and influenced by your diet, your experiences, medications, what you are exposed to and where you live.

The Microbiome and Our Wellbeing

Our Natural Defenses Most of us don’t realize that a key contributor to maintaining healthy and balanced skin is the slightly acidic film that sits on the skin’s surface, known as the ‘acid mantle’. This protective film contributes to your skin’s unique microflora and is made up water, oils, amino, lactic and fatty acids, as well as other acids that help bolster the skin’s immune response and even help absorb damaging UVB rays. MultiLEVEL Reach Your microbiome doesn’t just exist on the surface of your skin: it reaches below the dermis, as far as the subcutaneous fat layer, communicating with your immune system. The flora found on your skin are designed to protect you from unwanted irritants and invaders that can cause breakouts, fine lines, premature aging, and other more serious skin issues such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, to name a few. Self-Nourishment The microbiome doesn’t just protect your skin, it also feeds your skin. Vitamins like B3, B6, B12 and K are all produced by our own unique microbiome and then absorbed into our bodies in the form of life-giving nutrition.

Being KIND TO OUR SKIN Ultimately, the best way to protect our overall well-being and our skin is to nourish it, and gently protect our body’s natural defense mechanisms.

One of the best ways to help our skin thrive is to avoid using too many of the following, as they can disrupt our microbiome. Disrupting your microbiome can create conditions where inhospitable bacteria can thrive: •Harsh cleansers •Excess chemicals •Soaps •Aggressive preservatives •Antibacterial ingredients •Antibiotics •Chemicals that we ingest through our diet


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