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What Key Factors Influence The Health Of Our Microbiome?


Your microbiome is a protective ecosystem composed of many elements that sit on the surface of your skin. It also goes deeper, and even communicates with your immune system. The microbiome is essential for skin health; it protects against harmful UV rays, irritants, and more. Every day scientists are discovering how much of an impact skin health has on our bodies. This article from World Health talks about the benefits of probiotics for skin, and how it has the potential to heal acne, rosacea, eczema, and more. The author also writes about how probiotics strengthen the skin barrier to prevent (and heal) sun damage.

A healthy microbiome is crucial to healthy skin.

Unless protected by a robust microbiome system, skin is exposed to environmental chemicals, irritants, and bacteria. The microbiome can be protected by: -Avoiding harsh chemicals like those in many body products, in laundry soaps, and in cleaning products. -Discontinuing use of antibacterial soaps and other products. They contain triclosan, which can be harmful to your endocrine system. (See the link below.) -Changing cleansing habits: i.e. not over-cleansing the skin and decreasing the number of products you use. -Making an effort to change eating habits by avoiding preservatives and other chemicals. You can read more about the kinds of chemicals in conventional skincare and how they affect the body here. The American Cancer Society also has a concerning article about likely dangerous chemicals placed in many products without sufficient safety data.


Ensuring healthy skin means not only protecting the microbiome but also taking steps to encourage natural balance and growth.

Microbiome health can be supported by:

-Changes to skin washing routines like less-frequent washings or switching to a flora-friendly facial cleanser.

-Eating healthy, vitamin-rich foods such as green vegetables, and making sure you get plenty of Omega-3's. The Cleveland Clinic talks more about skin health and nutrition here. Your body and skin work side by side, so if you eat well in general, your skin will thank you for it.

-Using microbiome-friendly soaps. (Gentle soaps, probiotic soaps and cleansers, and oil-based cleansers.)

-Changing your laundry practices. For instance: drying clothing in the sun helps kill harmful bacteria whereas washing and drying in a machine usually do not kill all bacteria, according to research documented by a chemist and professor for Scientific American here.

-Skin-care products that contain probiotics replenish your natural flora and help prevent bacterial growth. Your microbiome is a defense system that is constantly fighting to use good bacteria to combat the bad bacteria.


It's about more than just your skin... This article (mentioned above as well) gives a glimpse into the possibilities of probiotics and the skin microbiome having an impact on overall immune system health. The skin’s healthy flora doesn’t just sit on the surface, they penetrate through the dermis and sub-dermis to interact with the immune system. By taking care of your skin you are improving your overall health as well.

The skin is our largest organ...

Here at TruAura we think that it is essential to keep it nourished and protected. This means taking steps to avoid chemicals, but it also requires the use of products that support healthy bacteria on the skin.Keeping a healthy balance of the good bacteria naturally found in the microbiome of the skin is crucial to keeping your skin beautiful, and most importantly, your body healthy.


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